Fragrance Launceston
to Mar 24

Fragrance Launceston

The Fragrance Group purchased the Clarion Hotel through it's subsidiary Global premium Hotels in November 2017. Currently Fragrance is considering building a 70m tower at the site. This would be a disaster for Launceston's heritage and character. The site is directly across the road from Launceston's Albert Hall, one of the cities most prestigious buildings.

Help stop the Fragrance Tower in Launceston! Sign the Petition to the Launceston City Council and have your say!

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Calling Out Gutwein on Major Projects laws
to Oct 19

Calling Out Gutwein on Major Projects laws

Gutwein is slated to appear on Leon Compton's breakfast show tomorrow morning from 8.30am.

Listen to ABC 936 Thursday 19 October from 8.30am, call in 1300 361 688 and send a text 0467 922 917.

The Liberals are unlikely to change their position, but we need to put the heat on Gutwein for proposing such wide reaching and authoritarian ministerial powers.

Call in and message on the numbers above to ask Gutwein one of the following questions:

  1. "The day after the Major Projects closed for comment, you publicly welcomed the Fragrance group and said: 'we should welcome Fragrance and others like them.'  Why have you changed your position on this issue by publicly supporting Fragrance?"
  2. "The Major Projects legislation gives the planning minister total authority and unchecked power over declaring a major project, this is undemocratic and bad policy. Why have you given yourself so much power?"
  3. "Our Government is selling out to multinational corporations that have no connection to the values that make Tasmania unique. Is the one off profit worth it? Selling off our Island piece by piece will destroy all that makes Tasmania special."

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