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Fragrance Revise Tower Height

The Tasmanian Conservation Trust has been following the Fragrance developments closely.

We want to hear our supporters feedback on the following Fragrance Tower proposals.

Fragrance 2-6 Collins Collins Street


This proposal has been scaled back from 90m to 50m. It sits within the Sullivans Cove Planning Scheme that currently has a discretionary height limit of 15m.

Nearby buildings include the Old Woolstore Apartments and Hotel and City Hall which are both heritage listed. Both are approximately 15m in height. For Comparison, 1 Collins Street (pictured) is 21m high. 


The expansion of the Royal Hobart hospital is two blocks away. It is in a different zone, the CBD zone which has a different discretionary height limit and as such should not be considered for comparison.


Fragrance 234 - 250 Elizabeth Street


This proposal stands at 45m, it appears to comprise two seperate buildings. It sits in the fringe zone of the Hobart CBD planning scheme. The zone currently has a height limit of 15m. Most other buildings in this area are under 15m from road level. The notable exception being the chimney on the heritage listed brewery directly opposite.

The planning scheme requires that buildings in the fringe should be sensitive to the transition between the CBD and surrounding zones The proposal itself will incorporate several heritage buildings, the facades will remain intact.

The site is surrounded by heritage listed cottages and the old brewery (corner of Elizabeth and Warrick). It directly adjoins a memorial park and is across the road from Elizabeth College (approximately 15m high).

Have your say on the revised proposals:

Fragrance 2-6 Collins Street *
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Fragrance 234-250 Elizabeth Street *
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Please make a donation to the TCT today. All donations from this appeal will go towards producing new artist impressions showing how these two proposals will affect Hobart.

Fragrance at 28-30 Davey Street, now on hold thanks to the hard work of people like you.

Fragrance at 28-30 Davey Street, now on hold thanks to the hard work of people like you.