Fragrance at 234 - 250 Elizabeth st

The first Fragrance Tower for Hobart has been released for public comment! 

At 50 metres, it is more than three times the height of surrounding buildings. The development application includes a heritage listed site, that will be partially demolished!

The permitted height in this part of the Central Business Zone (Hobart Interim Scheme 2015) is 11.5 metres, which gives a sense of the height of surrounding buildings!

The site is also surrounded by heritage buildings that will be adversely impacted. Is this the future we want for Hobart? Make a submission to the Hobart City Council now and help save Hobart from these ugly towers!

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Pre-Drafted Letter

Submission regarding 234 - 250 Elizabeth Street PLN 17-430

To the General Manager

I wish to express my concern regarding the development application PLN 17 430, 234 - 250 Elizabeth Street and associated buildings.

My concerns are as follows:

Two of the proposed buildings are 49.4m and 46.8m in height. Neither of these fit within the amenity building envelope (Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 22.3).

The siting, bulk and design of the development does not respect the transition between the central business zone and surrounding zones and materially impacts the streetscape and townscape of the surrounding area (22.4.1)

As the development site is heritage listed and is surrounded by other heritage listed sites, the building should be designed and constructed not to dominate, detract or generally undermine the characteristics that contribute to its historic and cultural heritage significance.

The development unreasonably dominates its own heritage site and those around it with its height, bulk, design and shadowing. (22.4.1)

Currently the developer plans to demolish several outbuildings and large parts of Kelso Terrace. This would result in the loss of significant heritage values 13.7.1.

Thank you for reviewing my submission.

TCT will lodge your submission with the Hobart City Council. If you leave the submission field above blank we will lodge a pro-forma submission on your behalf. It is not a legal requirement that you review the legislation before making a submission.