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Representation Guide:

To the General Manager

I write to make a representation against the development application lodged by Mount Wellington Cableway Company Pty Limited. I am against the proposal for the following reasons:

Visual Impact

A 35 metre tower will be built on top of the organ pipes in Wellington Park’s Natural Zone. This will detract from the natural values that make kunanyi special and it will not comply with the zone’s objectives (WPMP 3.2.3).

The pinnacle terminus is three stories and 15 times the length of the existing shelter. The building will be visible from most places in the greater Hobart area including Wellington Park. The building and pylon’s man-made surfaces (windows, steel, lighting etc.) will degrade everyone’s experience of the mountain in its natural state. The proponent’s visual impact study does not address the requirements of the WPMP S2.6, P5.1.

The cables will appear to cut the organ pipes in half and the cable car gondola will be visually intrusive as it moves across the face of the Organ Pipes (WPMP Table 5, P5.1).

Cable car is not nature-based tourism

Discretionary uses in the Pinnacle specific area must comply with the objectives of the Recreation Zone including that tourism and recreation is ‘nature-based’. The proposal will facilitate many non-nature-based activities (sitting in the restaurant, cafe and cinema). Visitors will be disinclined to go outside (because of the prevailing conditions) and will mainly experience the depleted natural values of the mountain from inside a series of metal boxes (WPMP Table 1, 3.2). The restaurant, cafe and cinema encourage longer stays and therefore contravene the WPMP (7.3.1, 7.5.3).

Native vegetation and threatened species

Substantial areas of native vegetation will be cleared inside the Wellington Park for the base terminus, car park and fire protection. The proponent has under estimated the extent of clearing needed to comply with the Bushfire Code. The clearing required will not comply with the recreational zone provisions for vegetation and visual impacts (WPMP Table 5, P2.1 and P5.1).

The clearing for the 2.2km road will affect threatened silver peppermint and dry blue gum forest which will be contrary zone provision for environmental management zone (Hobart Interim Planning Scheme).

Geological features and alpine vegetation will need to be disturbed to enable the construction of the 35m tower on top of the organ pipes and large building at the pinnacle contrary to the WPMP (Table 5, P2.1 and P2.3).

The proponent’s assessment indicates that there may be old growth trees in the area that can be used for nesting by threatened birds including swift parrots and masked owl. Any loss of threatened species habitat would be contrary to the WPMP Table 5, P2.1 and P2.2).

Tasmanian Aboriginal Community:

I support the Tasmanian Aboriginal Communities who oppose the proposal because it is insensitive to Aboriginal people and Aboriginal cultural heritage on and around kunanyi.


The proposal will store sewerage and grey water at the pinnacle and regularly transport it via tanks secured beneath the cable car. In the absence of on-site treatment there is a high risk of spillage of raw sewerage and grey water. Spillage of raw sewerage could contaminate the sensitive water shed, contravening the WPMP (S2.6, P4.1).

Drilling works

The proponent has not completed drilling works to assess hazards associated with the 35m tower and large buildings (WPMP Table 5, P8.1, S2.6, P6.1). The proponent cannot assure that the sighting, pylon structure, design or materials used will be consistent with their proposal without drilling works.


The proposal will result in up to 180,000 additional vehicle trips every year in quiet streets in South Hobart. The proposed route will have a severe impact on local residents and is contrary to traffic provisions for a general residential area in the planning scheme (Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 10.3.1 P4).

Thank you for reviewing my submission.

Here is a link to the Wellington Park Management Plan and here is a link to the Hobart Interim Scheme.

If you are interested can read the development documents on the Mount Wellington Cableway Company Pty Limited website (click here).

If you have questions please feel free to contact us.