Northern Midlands Council decision requires Longford tyre stockpile to be removed

The Tasmanian Conservation Trust today congratulated the Northern Midlands Council for its decision last week to approve with very strict conditions the proposal by Tyre Recycle Tasmania Pty Ltd to shred and remove the more than one million car tyres that are stockpiled at Woolmers Lane near Longford.

On Monday 23 January 2017 the Northern Midlands Council gave planning approved for the proposal to establish a shredder at the Woolmers Lane site and to shred and remove the stockpile and other tyres to be taken to the site. Tyre Recycle Tasmania is managed by Mr Tim Chugg. "Some conditions reflected recommendations made by the TCT in its submission, including the need for strict removal targets and payment of a bond, and we congratulate the Northern Midlands Council on its decision," said TCT Director Peter McGlone.

"The conditions are quite onerous and the applicant may make an appeal to the Resource Management and Planning Appeals Tribunal to change the conditions," Mr McGlone added. The deadline for appeals is 8 February 2017. If there are no appeals the permit takes effect on that date. Among the numerous conditions applied by the Council are: - The Council permit requires that the entire stockpile must be removed by 31 December 2020 and after that date 'tyres must not be deposited, stockpiled or otherwise stored' at the site, and the shredder removed by 31 January 2021.

This will close the tyre storage business at the Woolmers Lane site. - Council permit requires that tyres from existing stockpiles be removed at the rate of 1400 tonnes or the equivalent of 175,000 car tyres every 4 months. 2 - A bond of $200,000 must be paid to the Council within 30 days of the permit taking effect. The bond is to be used by Council to remove the tyres if the deadline of 31 December 2020 is not met in part of in whole. The shredder cannot operate prior to the bond being paid. - The Council permit states that tyres must not be transported to the site until the shredder is operational.

This is contrary to the applicant’s proposal. If there are no other options for storage the business risks not having an income and potentially losing customers. To continue servicing customers and earn an income Tyre Recycle Tasmania would need to find other locations where tyres can be legally stored.

Peter McGlone Director
Tasmanian Conservation Trust
0406 380 545