Responding to Luke Martin

Letter to the editor
The Mercury

Luke Martin does not respond well to criticism of the tourism industry. His Talking Point article (Mercury 13 June 2019) responds to Charles Wooley's concern that Tasmanians may grow to hate tourists by saying that he and other critics would have different views if they just talked with tourism businesses to see the positive side.

Only half way through the article did he respond to the criticisims by saying "No one is denying the concerns many Tasmanian's have about how tourism is being managed in some of our beloved sites". But he doesn't identify a single concern such as over crowding diminishing the experience of visitors and locals, impact of visitors on the environment and over sized tourism developments in national parks. It seems that he doesn't want to say how these problems will be addressed, other than to "invest heavily in visitor infrastructure especially in our natural areas". Ironically this infrastructure is one of the concerns people have.

The tourism industry relies heavily on publicly owned natural assets and the industry needs to mature to the point where they can acknowledge problems and talk with the community about how to address them.

Peter McGlone
Tasmanian Conservation Trust