Super Trawler 2015
ocean) fishery is failing to protect the environment and important recreational fisheries. The recreational fisheries. This is because small pelagic fish are important food for predators such as environment and recreational fisheries cannot be answered. We know practically nothing about the movements of depletion of small pelagic fish can harm the environment and destroy recreational fisheries. Current seals and dolphins and fish that are important to recreational fishers. Overfishing or localised
Fisheries Update - June 2009
of time. Recreational fishing in Tasmania is supposed to be managed so that fishers are able to catch recreational fishers makes it much easier for illegal unlicensed commercial fishing to occur. The continues to allow recreational fishers to use commercial fishing gear. Access to this fishing gear by the most permissive recreational net fishing regulations of any state in the developed world. In -catching and killing devices. The problem with recreational fishers using this type of gear is that
Tasmanian Rock Lobster Fishery Review Discussion Paper
of tags with each recreational fishing licence. An option to allow fishers access to additional tags left in the water will not be taken by the commercial fishery, or that recreational fishers will not used to be accessible and popular locations for recreational fishers no longer provide access to the recreational fishery, even though there appears to be reasonable support for this idea among insignificant. Tags would provide much better information on recreational fishing pressure and could
Rock Lobster Fishery in Peril
be developed with input from scientists, managers, commercial and recreational fishers as well as months. Many recreational fishers are probably not even aware that these problems exist. A thing called environment. For example, if many recreational fishers who have only been fishing for the last 10 fishing becomes uneconomic. Recreational fishers are the reason why many areas around Tasmania have recreational fishing is that it continues well beyond the point where commercial fishers give up because
The Future of Vital Marine Research Areas Hangs in the Balance
threaten reefs that are vital to recreational fishers and others. A much greater area of reef has threat to Tasmanian reefs and recreational abalone and rock lobster fishing. About six years ago, two include reefs that are especially important to recreational fishers and divers, as well as some elements abalone and rock lobster become too scarce to support either commercial or recreational fishing. It is threat to Tasmanian reefs and recreational abalone and rock lobster fishing.
Super-trawler will deplete fisheries
fishers (removal of too many small pelagic fish from Tasmanian waters could mean that tuna and similar ecological impacts (not enough food for seals or dolphins, for example) or damage to recreational , seabirds and tuna obviously increases the chances of impacts on the ecosystem and recreational fishers. Below fish won’t come close enough to shore for the recreational fishery). The lack of information about concerns raised by recreational fishers and conservation groups. Despite this, there has been no new
Recreational Abalone and Rock Lobster Fishery Set to Lose 32% of East Coast Reefs by 2021
Recreational Abalone and Rock Lobster Fishery Set to Lose 32% of East Coast Reefs by 2021 recreational fishery will be lost to urchin barrens by 2021. Both abalone and rock lobster fisheries will Fishery Advisory Committees (FACs), Crustacean FAC and Recreational FAC, I have never seen a reasonable . Tasmanian east coast reefs and recreational rock lobster fishery are threatened by the expanding rock lobster fishery as 80% of recreational fishers target the east coast and the reefs initially recreational fisheries for abalone and rock lobster. This is particularly significant for the recreational
Rock Lobster Fisheries Review
localised fisheries management changes. This means that both the commercial and recreational fisheries need problems are dealt with now, or we will have continued decline in the recreational and commercial fishing industry, as well as a valuable resource for the recreational fishing community. During the the problems created largely by the recreational and commercial fisheries. Climate change and , and access to these areas by both commercial and recreational fishers should be managed accordingly
Missing Tasmanian marine protected areas
consequences are dire: urchin barrens cannot support recreational or commercial fisheries for abalone or document developed by stakeholders who included government, scientists, the commercial and recreational fishing sectors and the Tasmanian Conservation Trust), we would have a better chance of identifying
Rock Lobsters in Peril
fishers, so once again management tools are not limiting catches to a level below that which can be its associated commercial and recreational fisheries. Unfortunately, the marine environment is also recreational bag limits have also simply reflected the normal catches taken by average recreational
Rock Lobster Crisis - Sea Urchin's Unchecked
, scientists, recreational and commercial fishers) to discuss possible solutions to this problem. We were this issue. Similar presentations have recently been given to recreational and commercial fisheries
Aquaculture reform urgently needed
recreational users such as fishers and sailors. Many within the community have raised concerns about this with the government. I have been a member of two peak recreational fishing groups that have pointed out
Giant Freezer Trawler may become a reality
operations. These significant concerns are widely shared, including by commercial and recreational fishers who
Freezer Boat Proposal a Threat to Fish Stocks and Australia’s Marine Ecosystem
is bad news for marine ecosystems in this part of the world, as well as recreational fishers and
Degradation of the Russell River: an anglers opinion
and oyster growers), fishing guides, recreational anglers, commercial fishermen, scuba divers and
Seals and Tasmanian Aquaculture
issues associated with relocating or killing protected animals such as seals. Recreational and commercial fishers claim that relocated seals become accustomed to people and associate boats with a free
Aquaculture re Development
D’Entrecasteaux Channel the aquaculture industry wants. From the point of view of many recreational fishers and other water users, there is already too much space taken up by fish farms. Previous
Forests Statement of Principles
environment of Bass Strait - causing serious impacts to recreational and commercial fisheries and - causing
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