One lucky little Devil
actions to reduce roadkill within their jurisdictions. The survey will help to gauge where there support by reporting sightings of Tassie Devil roadkill. Check out our useful sites at right for how to do this. If you see a Tasmanian Devil roadkill west of the Murchison Highway, call or SMS 0427 733 average, you only have to drive 3km to see roadkill. Of this terrible toll, over 3000 Tasmanian Devils roads According to the Roadkill Tasmania web site, most of the wildlife killed on our roads is hit at Roadkill
TCT Policy on shooting native animals
Roadkill development of effective strategies to reduce roadkill at hot spots, including reduced speed limits and a general improvement in driver behaviour that leads to reduced roadkill. enforcement to reduce the incidence of persecution of protected wildlife. Roadkill The TCT recommends
Action on Roadkill
:// The TCT in conjunction with the creators of state expressing concern about the amount of roadkill they have seen on Tasmanian roads. state expressing concern about the amount of roadkill they have seen on Tasmanian roads. The obvious are working with DIER to carry out surveys on the effectiveness of signage in roadkill hot highest incidences of wildlife roadkill in the nation (Magnus et el, 2004). An estimate 293,000 Action on Roadkill killed (3% of the total devil population) making roadkill the second biggest threat to the devil
Roadkill: A survey of state road authorities and local government
strategic centralised roadkill data collection and management across all Tasmanian roads, speed limits commitment than local government to addressing the issue of roadkill. There was some recognition that managed by maintenance staff. Only PWS stated that it has an overall strategy for dealing with roadkill generally manage roadkill on the roads they work on. The removal of dead animals from the roads is and the targeting of roadkill hotspots. Recommendations Some suggested priority actions for the TCT Roadkill: A survey of state road authorities and local government In response to the ongoing, tragic and seemingly intractable issue of roadkill, the TCT conducted a
‘Watch out for wildlife – it could save your life!’
to tell drivers that the problem is not impossible to solve. Roadkill can be reduced and you do not have to give up driving to do it. Visit online or on facebook for more tools to help drivers avoid wildlife collisions, including roadkill black spots to download to your SatNav. The drivers regarding slowing down to save wildlife. creator Chloe Lucas designed the bus To commemorate Threatened Species Day on 7 September this year, (the website that
VDL clearing proposal set for strict assessment by Australian Government
seasonable availability and we have concerns regarding this issue (see below). Roadkill The commitments made in the roadkill avoidance strategy are commendable. But it must be acknowledged that roadkill management issues e.g. roadkill mitigation, corridor management, we are concerned as to whether VDL will
Super Trawler 2015
seals caused by the Geelong Star with roadkill. Presumably this was to reassure people, and suggest
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