Stop the Fragrance Towers

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Stop the Fragrance Towers

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At the Tasmanian Conservation Trust we have been fighting hard to protect Tasmania from the Fragrance Towers that are completely out of touch with everything that makes our cities unique.

The Tasmanian Conservation Trust has a proud history of defending the places that Tasmanians and visitors love. We have had some significant wins in our efforts to stop the Fragrance Towers, but there is still more to do. We must keep fighting to ensure that Hobart and Tasmania are not ruined forever.

Your donation will go into a fighting fund that can be used for legal actions, advertising, organising events and reaching thousands of people via social and traditional media.

Our opponents are organised, powerful and wealthy beyond imagination. But they do not have the support of the Tasmanian people.

Donate now to Stop the Fragrance Towers.

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TCT has been looking out for Tasmania for almost 50 years. Right now we are seeing a huge amount interest in Tasmania’s property market from interstate and overseas. What many developers realise is that Tasmania is unspoilt by over-development and that now is the best time for them to cash in!

It’s clear that the current state government have a vision for Tasmania. It’s a vision where the most unique and precious aspects of our unspoilt state are monetised and over developed for short term gain.

That’s why the government has been working hard to reduce the power of local communities through legislation such as the major projects legislation and the state-wide planning scheme.

The TCT has a different vision for Tasmania. We believe Tasmania should be open for everyone to enjoy, but not at the cost of the things that make our island unique. We want to retain the atmosphere of our cities and towns. Keep our coastlines free from towering apartment blocks and our forests and waterways pristine.

The TCT has been leading a push to oppose the over development of Tasmania. We believe we can halt the worst excesses of groups like Fragrance, but the TCT needs your help to do it.

Key wins so far in the campaign to Stop the Fragrance Towers:


  1. TCT image of Davey St Tower reaches over 350,000 people on social media - May.

  2. TCT puts the Governments new Major Projects Legislation on agenda with statewide media - June.

  3. Hobart City Council passes motion that will lead to mandatory height limits that cannot be exceeded for Sullivans Cove and Hobart City in 2018 - September.

  4. Council holds a public meeting at which 500 community members condemn proposed Major Projects laws - October.

  5. State Government delays its Major Projects Legislation, shutting down the possibility of a fast-track for the proposed towers - November.

  6. The State Labor Opposition introduces its planning policy several months prior to the election, they confirm they will not create a new fast-track process - November.

Help us stop these laws that put international property developers first. Your donation will protect all that is beautiful and unique about Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Conservation Trust has had a critical role in the Stop the Supertrawler Campaign, The Gunns Pulp Mill Campaign and establishment of the Mt Wellington Park.

Over the years the Trust has helped to Tasmania's heritage buildings including the Hobart Gasworks, The Imperial Building and the Red Cross Building as well as assisting locals with countless planning appeals.

We are confident we can succeed here too, but we can't do it without donations and support from people like you!