Responsible cat ownership requires education plus regulation

On 28 February 2018 I was pleased to speak at the launch of Kingborough Council's 'Inside with cats' video series. There are five short videos each telling a personal story of why a cat owner has decided to contain their cat and what the benefits are for them and their cat. There is a crucial need for high quality education such as these videos plus complimentary legislation to encourage high levels of responsible cat ownership. My talk regarding the proposed amendments to the Cat Management Act is included in full below and you can view the five videos via the link.

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Gutwein's Major Projects Legislation

The TCT said today that Peter Gutwein's Draft Major Projects Legislation, if enacted, will deliver the Fragrance Skyscrapers in Hobart and Launceston, against the interests of local communities.

'It seems that the purpose of the legislation is to fast track the approval of any development that is vehemently opposed by the community including the two massive Fragrance skyscrapers proposed for Hobart and the recently announced 70 metre high Fragrance hotel proposed for next to Launceston's City Park,' said TCT Director Peter McGlone.

Major projects legislation postponed but still a threat

Major projects legislation postponed but still a threat

The Minister for Planning, Peter Gutwein, announced on 22 November 2017 that the Draft Land Use Planning and Approvals Amendment (Major Projects) Bill 2017 (Major Projects Legislation) would not be tabled in parliament prior to the state election. The Minister promised that the bill would be redrafted to rule out very high buildings being able to be declared major projects.

Inside with cats: stories of cat containment

Inside with cats: stories of cat containment

Over recent months with funding from Ten Lives Cat Centre and Bruny Island Environment Network I have been working with local cat owners and Small World Documentaries to develop a series of educational videos on responsible pet cat ownership. The short, engaging videos capture real-life stories of cat owners sharing the benefits and practicalities of containing their cats. This project is particularly exciting as, to the best of our knowledge, these videos are the first of their kind anywhere around the globe!