Protect Tasmania's Wildlife

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We are regularly contacted by members of the public who are concerned about the impact of development on threatened species or other native wildlife. TCT is committed to protecting Tasmania’s biodiversity and will endeavour to provide our members and supporters with every support in order to achieve this goal.

Contact us today if you need assistance protecting Tasmanian wildlife (click here).

Wildlife Matters

Through our ‘Wildlife Matters’ program the TCT wants to educate the public on what they can do to protect wildlife, including practical tips on living with wildlife. This includes highlighting ways that every Tasmanian can reduce the impact they have on wildlife in their everyday lives.

We offer people opportunities to help change government policies and legislation that enable our agricultural industries to maintain cruel and unnecessary practices such as the use of 1080 poison and large scale shooting for controlling wallabies and possums.


The Tasmanian Conservation Trust is calling for a total ban on the use of 1080 to kill native wildlife. Alternative non-lethal methods of controlling native wildlife on farmland are widely available. The TCT works with the state government to assist farmers in applying these methods. Help us end the use of this unnecessary and cruel poison on native Tasmanian wildlife.

Road Kill

The TCT’s focus is to reduce the number of native animals killed or injured on Tasmanian roads by 50% or more over the next three years. You can help by becoming a Roadkill Champion.