The Tasmanian Conservation Trust protects Tasmania's wildlife, ecosystems and natural landscapes. Some of our most prominent campaigns have been Stop the Fragrance Towers, the establishment of the Mt Wellington Reserve, Stop the Super Trawler, and preventing the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill.

A big part of our daily work is helping every-day Tasmanians protect the places they love. If you have concerns about a development, large or small don't hesitate, contact us today. We find that developers are willing to talk and make some compromises.  You may be able to work with a proponent or council to make a development acceptable, or in some cases defeat it entirely. 

We can help

  •  stop a significant tree being cut down

  •  stop a subdivision that threatens important bushland

  •  stop a major industrial, mining or farming development.

We assist

  •  landowners concerned about clearing

  •  residents seeking advice on tourist development in protected areas

  • local communities opposing the expansion of fish farming.