Planning and Development


State Planning Provisions

In 2015 the Tasmanian Planning Minister, Peter Gutwein introduced the State Planning Provisions (SPP). The SPP has changed the entire State's approach to planning, listed below are some of the TCT's major concerns with this new approach.

Above all others, the TCT is concerned that these new laws give the Planning Minister the ability to make statewide changes and revisions without consultation.

This opens the door to future changes down the track, and creates a situation where a minister could easily 'shift the goal posts' for a particular development.

Changes to planning affect everyone and therefore should only be made after thorough consultation with the community.

Under the SPP it will be easier for development to occur in National Parks, reserves and on Crown land. It is vitally important that any new development in these areas be subject to rigorous scrutiny and planning process.

But under the SPP the level of public oversight will decrease. Councils ability to scrutinise developments that are categorised as 'permitted' will be reduced. 

Our cities and towns will also be affected. The SPP applies new standards for height, density and distance between buildings that are likely to dramatically change the character of many of Tasmania's most beautiful suburbs and towns.

We need your help to undo these new planning laws. Contact us today if you would like to be involved in our campaign to roll back the State Planning Provisions.