It's time for Industrial Fish Farms to clean up their act.

Industrial fish farming has taken away some of Tasmania‚Äôs most pristine waterways. Fecal pollution and large leasing areas destroy the value these waterways once held as habitat for marine life and recreation areas for fishers, boaters and residents. Currently local communities are fighting the expansion of Industrial Fish Farming on Tasmania's East Coast at Oakhampton Bay, Storm Bay, Bruny Island and on the North West Coast at King Island.  These communities are rightly concerned that Industrial Fish Farms are not adequately regulated to safeguard Tasmania's pristine coast.

You can be part of the growing movement to save Tasmania's pristine coast

The Tasmanian Conservation Trust knows from experience that people power can stop over-development at the expense of Tasmanians. Some of our most prominent campaigns include Stop the Super Trawler, Fragrance Towers Campaign, the establishment of the Mt Wellington Reserve, and the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill.

A big part of our daily work is helping every-day Tasmanians protect the places they love. If you have concerns about over-development, large or small don't hesitate, contact us today. We find that developers are willing to talk and make some compromises.  You may be able to work with a proponent or council to make a development acceptable, or in some cases defeat it entirely. 

We assist:

  •  local communities opposing the expansion of Industrial Fish Farming.

  • residents seeking advice regarding sale and development of publicly owned land

  • concerned landowners rehabilitate their property.

We can help:

  • protect significant habitat for threatened or endangered species

  • negotiate protections for your local area or amenity

  • advise on your grounds of appeal regarding a major development.