Welcome to our new website!

Over the last several months we have been completely revamping the TCT website and are proud to say that it is now live. The old website has been around for at least seven years and has served us well, but, in the face of changing technology, the explosion of social media and the increasing number of people using phones and tablets as their primary method of accessing the Internet, it was time to make the change.

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Before we can be completely happy with the new website, we would like your feedback. We have a four-question survey here and all feedback will be greatly appreciated.

With the new site comes a new web address: www.tasconservation.org.au. This brings our domain name in line with our social media handles, for more consistent brand recognition. You can now go to any of the most popular social media sites and find us @tasconservation or /tasconservation. For example:

Anyone who includes the @tasconservation handle in their posts to any of these platforms will have tagged us for their friends to see, and we’ll see a notification of them having done so. 

Presently our Facebook page gets the most use, but we have a slight presence on the other platforms mentioned and will be increasing that, now that we have a website that can integrate well with social media. 

The new domain name offers another advantage. Those unfamiliar with the TCT acronym will now get an idea of what we are about at first glance. This is especially useful anywhere we need to adhere to a strict character or word count, such as in print publications or online services such as Google Ad Words.

The new website looks very different from the old one. However the old site as you may have known it has been archived and is still accessible here


Do you have any of these newsletter issues?

The new website includes a blog in which we have begun publishing each article from our back catalogue of newsletters. This process will make the collection searchable and much more easily accessible than our newsletter have ever been before. However, some issues of the Tasmanian Conservationist have gone missing from our collection. 

Do you have any of these Tasmanian Conservationist issues in your collection? 

Do you have any of these Tasmanian Conservationist issues in your collection? 

If you do happen to have any, please get in touch with us if we might be able to borrow them back from you and complete the digitisation process. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Heather either by email at contact@tct.org.au, phone 03 6234 3552, or mail at Level 2, 191 Liverpool Street, Hobart 7000.

And a final note: we will be communicating with our members via email more than by post. If you have yet to provide the TCT your email address, please use the Subscribe field on this page to add your email address to our list.

Article and photo of newsletters by Heather Cassidy, Office Manager and Communications. Photo at the top is of Mount Anne courtesy of Rob Blakers