Inside With Cats - the Stories of Happy Contained Cats

Over 65 people joined us to launch the stories of our five Tasmanian film star cats (along with their humans), who have embraced life on the inside. Inside with Cats video series is an exciting collaboration that aims to demonstrate (through story) that we can experience the joys and benefits of cat ownership while protecting wildlife and keeping neighbours happy. 

The videos feature the enclosures of Richard Parker, Pompom, Duchess, O’Malley, Morris, Lily and Rasputin – how their physical and emotional needs are met, along with the many benefits to them and their owners. Each enclosure suits the individual home and the needs of the cat and their owners. They demonstrate options to contain cats within the home, on decks, in gardens and using a harness and lead. Knowing your cat and providing for its needs is the first step to having a happy cat who has an emotionally and physically enriched life on the ‘inside’. 

Importantly, the project also aims to inspire others to share their stories about the hurdles and solutions on the road to cat containment. Please view the videos on Kingborough Council website 

(search for Inside with Cats) and share your stories on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #InsideWithCats and tag us in @KingboroughTas or contact Council’s Cat Management Officer, Kaylene Allan on (03) 6211 8200 or

‘Inside with Cats’ is a partnership between Kingborough Council, Ten Lives Cat Centre, Tasmanian Conservation Trust and the Bruny Island Environment Network.