Dove Lake Viewing Shelter - submissions

The TCT encourages all members and supporters to make a submission on the proposed Dove Lake viewing shelter and associated developments.  The consultation period closes on 21 October 2018.

The proposal includes a group of buildings and associated infrastructure. It includes a large viewing shelter plus a kiosk, a separate bus shelter and toilet building, a new bus turning area and outdoor viewing area. This is a very large cluster of buildings that will have serious visual impacts and is larger than what is needed. 

The critical points to make in your submission are:

There is a need for some facilities at Dove Lake such as new toilet and a small shelter, for when the weather is bad.

However, the proposed development is too large for the location. The proposal should be scaled down to be more sympathetic to the wilderness values of Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake. The proposed development will have serious visual impact as seen from nearby vantage points.

The proposal includes a kiosk separate to the viewing shelter which the Trust believes is unnecessary and unsympathetic in such an iconic location, and it should be removed from the proposal.

The Trust also suggests that the overall size and area covered by the viewing shelter be reduced, with all buildings being clumped more tightly together to reduce the disruption and footprint of this proposal.

The Parks and Wildlife Service's own visual impact consultants 'Inspiring Place' made it clear that the bus shelter should be altered in terms of materiality and form to more closely align with the materials and form of the viewing shelter. 

Inspiring Place also said consideration should be given to earth covering the viewing shelter and associated facilities and / or a reduction in scale of the footprint of the viewing shelter to reduce visual impact. We support these recommendations and suggest that you put these into your submission.

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Further information

The 'Dove Lake Shelter – Cradle Mountain Development Proposal and Environmental Impact Statement' and Appendices are available at:

Send submissions to:

Director of National Parks and Wildlife 

GPO Box 1751 

Hobart TAS 7001 

or by email to (Note that your name and contact details must be provided for the submission to be considered.)